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In many cases, an integrated social media platform can complement and help grow your online presence. A sales, news or product campaign is able to use the social space to drive interest and traffic to your website by engaging users through a variety of methods on a number of platforms.

Once again, a methodology of best practice is integral to making your campaign and online presence a success. Conversely, a poorly conceptualised, integrated and driven social media platform can have the completely opposite success, leading to a total failure. A Facebook or Twitter news feed that becomes an irritant becomes an "unlike".

The integration of Facebook with your website can lead to huge potential growth. Consider the concept of a pyramid scheme, where one person ropes in two people, they each bring in two and in turn, they sell on to two more. In a matter of seconds, you have 15 people engaged. That is small-scale growth compared to how your message can become prolific using the Facebook platform where one like translates into the potential for a hundred or even thousand friends to be made aware of their friend's new 'like'

The potential for news or information to go viral is massive, every "like" becomes known to hundreds of people who market your news for you, free of charge.

Don't be fooled by the hype. Because it is hype that works!