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MMVII (Multimedia Management - Versatility | Innovation | Interaction) has been involved in Website Content Management since 1999 in various guises, and in 2007 (MMVII) was launched as an independent company with a range of clients, the largest of which is The Sharks (Pty) Ltd.

We are a multi-faceted, multi-talented content management company, producing both unique content as well as re-working and editing provided content.

We subscribe to only the highest quality service provision as per our COMPANY ETHOS.

Any website with potential can expect at a minimum two visits per user. The first time to see what the site is all about, the second to see what has changed.

Incorporating ongoing content management into your site will ensure a third, fourth and ongoing visits. If you fail to update, if your website says "Last Update: May 2002", then you have failed in the cardinal rule of the internet - Content is King! And so will your website fail.

Depending on your target audience, what you hope and need your website to achieve, so you need to evaluate whether you need to have ongoing content management on your website.

With over 10 years spent with The Sharks, running their hugely-successful and popular website - - Michael Marnewick has developed a full range of technical skills that encompass website construction, graphics manipulation, photography, video, audio and written content.

The Sharks website is a classic example of 'making the web work'.

Compared to, and in analysis with the other contemporary websites, it is streets ahead of most of its rivals in terms of the management of the information contained therein and the added extras it incorporates.

As people seek knowledge, so it should be provided. There are leaders and there are followers. MMVII will continue to blaze a trail in the industry, as it sets the standards and continues to lead while others follow.

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